Art communicates messages that are sometimes difficult to convey in words. Whether it’s a building, landscape, human figure, a still-life composition, wild animals or beloved pets, I strive to capture their unique qualities and essential elements through my art.

As a boy, I modeled the illustration styles from many of the Marvel Comics artists but in my teens I turned my attention to music and spent many years as a singer/songwriter.

As my work in fine art resurfaced a few years ago, I began working in the mediums of graphite pencils, oil paints and most recently, colored pencils.

When using those mediums, I was astounded by the details I could capture in the subtleties of many images and especially in an animals fur.

In my art studies, I’ve been working in the style of Realism through The Ani Art Academy Waichulis program, ‘The Language of Drawing’ and I’m nearing completion of a three-year Studio Arts Certificate at the Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, Massachusetts.

I’ve also created a website where I offer my artistic services as a commissioned pet-portrait artist at

My original art and prints can be purchased here through this website.

I’m married and we live in central Massachusetts with our two dogs.